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Senior Class 2017 Cover Art
What is VitalGroundz "Senior Class"

We are now over 40 years emerged into the culture of Hip Hop which spans Generationz. In this current era, there are several heavy hitting artists who have 20+ years under their belts and are still dropping new music. Younger artists have been maintaining relevance while new artists are also breaking onto the scene at later ages than they used to. It seems Hip Hop and its audience has matured and diversified to the extent that there are no longer any “rules” regarding style, genre, gender and yes, even age.


That being said, the EmCees featured in our annual VitalGroundz Senior Class are not ancient, it’s just that VitalGroundz doesn’t feel the requirements for being a “hot artist” should include superficial measurements. Instead, VitalGroundz looks at lyrics, content, wordplay, skill, pure readiness and unique style.


Rather than celebrate the next batch of “Freshman“, VitalGroundz has created a lane for artists who have been honing their skills for some years either on the underground, or paying dues in other ways, while developing their craft, that are now ready to burst upon the scene.


We held several undisclosed tapings where a number of artists seized the opportunity to compete and be crowned a VitalGroundz Senior. We salute them all. However, there could only be ten. So without further ado, introducing our 1st Annual VitalGroundz Senior Class of 2017.


Freestyles OUT NOW!!!

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