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Mahogany Jones - Sugar Water

I was in such awe when fell back in contact with my Sis this past summer. You don't understand this is my first sister-in-law (to my Brother from another) from 20 years back. She was just a regular head at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe where most of us started or hung out. A sprouting young Poet, I even remember being there as she went on stage for her first Spoken Word appearance. I was proud then and even more proud today, to learn of all the beautiful accomplishments my sister has manifested. The lives she has touched as a Performer, Educator, and Activist. She is so humble and gracious as a person but dont get it twisted, when she touches that Mic, male or female if you aint built for this - take several seats. All the more reason why I reached out for her to come home and be a part of the 1st Annual March Majesty Festival (Panel & Showcase) .