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2Centz: "Bat Out The Cave" Review

First off, L.I.F.E LONG is my Brother for over 20 yrs and I was honored to take the time and review he latest body of work… This LP is a Good look for L.I.F.E.'s Solo career, well thought out and executed. BAT OUT THE CAVE - The title itself is dope in the sense that L.I.F.E has been off the radar for awhile (hence in the dark like a bat lives) only to emerge from the darkness as the rooted MC that he is. Speaking in a frequency that only TRUE Lovers of Classic NY Undergound can hear…

L.I.F.E & Scottish Producer Bunty Beats put together a solid gritty authentic Underground Sound, meshing Liggy’s undoubtedly recognizable voice with Bunty’s ridiculous Beats, Cuts and engineering skills. The album opens with "Bat In Flight" a soothing rhythm with the contrast of striking Drums accompanied by the lulling voice of Emma Lee is the perfect setting for the movie that's about to happen. Immediately there is a feeling of juxtaposition expressed by the energetic soundtrack "N.Y.C". Then we're off to a straight B-boy Funk track meets Urban Poetry "Monster Mash" including (the poetically potent) Prince Po and (the infamous Battle Rap Uncle) Poison Pen (Liggy & Pen = 13). Jumping into the next feature "Listening Pleasure" feat. Loer & Theosyn is perfect in placement raising the energy again as Bunty wakes you up with the horn sample while happy to hear loer accompanying L.I.F.E again the combustion of Theosyn verse is right on time.. Now for the filthiest (from the bottom beat) Bunty provides "Climbing Up" feat. Paro (of Split Prophits) and King RA accommodating the Gritty vocals (on the hook) makes us feel like you wanna just go Smack somebody. Next feature is the return of a StrongHold Brethren C-Rayz Walz blesses us on the N.Y.C remix "Rotten Apple". "The Foulness" is a track that Bunty cooked up which feels like you smoking in an air locked room and took a shotgun to the face and it just so happens to be dressed with a Great International Flavor… Finally Liggy takes us out featuring his Coocoon Movements CoDe Elohemstar on the last 2 tracks for a strong finish. If you missed this Album your slacking and need to do your homework.

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