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Why We Did It!!!

Why We Did It!

In the current state of Hip Hop, there has been and still is a great insurgence of change from what we know as Hip Hop. Now I know that things change over time but there’s still an underlying structure that is usually followed in the evolutionary process of musical transition. From where we began to where we are now (seen through the scope of mainstream media) is a far cry from the structural foundation our forefathers laid for us. Our children don’t know our story, how we came about, why Hip Hop was started. Our children don’t know their Hip Hop ancestors who gave the blueprint for how it should be done. Our children don’t know how to write, research, use Historical Factz, positive culture images and present day happenings of societal woes and weave them into poetic prose with rhythmic flow and clear use of a dictionary and thesaurus for proper word play using metaphors and similes.

Mainstream media outlets seem to only highlight those that do not utilize these fundamental structural components. But there is a Hip Hop Zion, unknown to mainstream, The Underground, still flourishing with those who pay homage to their Hip Hop ancestors, to the forefathers of the craft. They are spitting bars full of content, they have an excellent grasps of vocabulary and language. Stage presence is practiced and perfected. Singles, videos, albums are being resurrected on an extremely large scale but the mainstream media outlets are not showcasing them and has never highlighted them. Basically, mainstream closed this lane for the Underground. Well that lane has officially been re-opened and we aim to highlight those that are holding on to the culture and committed to growing it a trillion fold. Something for our children to love and continue the traditions that were passed on to us from the originators and those who shaped and grew it through ever changing creation & style.

Our culture can’t survive if it keeps getting watered down and forgotten. We need our culture to rise and thrive. Hip Hop is the universal vehicle that makes things happen. It has touched people and infected today's culture on an international scale. It is in everything we do and see. It’s time to highlight what has been from the Beginning and will always be till the End, for those who choose to stay connected to essence & creative force that is Hip Hop.

This is Why We Did It! No Disrespect to any others before us! But It Had To Be Done Like This! Hip Hop Is Our Culture, All Generationz... #ThisIsVital

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