• Mama Khet

Why We Did It!!!

Why We Did It!

In the current state of Hip Hop, there has been and still is a great insurgence of change from what we know as Hip Hop. Now I know that things change over time but there’s still an underlying structure that is usually followed in the evolutionary process of musical transition. From where we began to where we are now (seen through the scope of mainstream media) is a far cry from the structural foundation our forefathers laid for us. Our children don’t know our story, how we came about, why Hip Hop was started. Our children don’t know their Hip Hop ancestors who gave the blueprint for how it should be done. Our children don’t know how to write, research, use Historical Factz, positive culture images and present day happenings of societal woes and weave them into poetic prose with rhythmic flow and clear use of a dictionary and thesaurus for proper word play using metaphors and similes.