• ShakaLu - Editor in Chief

2Centz: Is Hip Hop Fiend Out

When did being a fiend for pharmaceutical drugs become so perversely prevalent in Hip Hop?

It seems like every other song on popular radio makes mention of the joys of highly addictive pharmaceutical drugs like Oxycontin and Percocet and synthetic (but no less dangerous) drugs like MDMA aka Molly. Now, let’s be clear and acknowledge there has always seemed to be an embrace of substance use in Hip Hop. There is no denying that weed and alcohol has always been staples of Hip Hop music and commonplace within the Hip Hop community. But it seems like things are taking a severe turn for the worse in contemporary Hip Hop.

I want to be careful and avoid presenting my concerns like there is a generational divide and only younger Hip Hop heads (Seedz) promote this seriously dangerous behavior. To do so would be misleading and insincere. And I am not trying to make light of the social dangers caused by alcoholism. But this new element of being okay with these kinds of mind altering substances is a totally different monster.