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#VitalFactz: Happy Birthday - Kool G Rap

Happy Bornday @TheRealKoolGRap Kool G Rap. Born Nathaniel Thomas Wilson July 20, 1968. Kool G Rap started off with DJ Polo, whom he met through Eric B. when he was looking for DJ to collaborate with. Juice Crew producer Mr. Magic and DJ Marley Marl allowed Polo and G Rap to go to their studio to record a demo, which resulted in the song "It's a Demo". The song was written and recorded in one night, and had Marley so impressed, that he instantly embraced Kool G Rap & Polo as Juice Crew members. They released the song as a single & it created quite a buzz. Then in 1988. G Rap made the Hip Hop industry take serious notice of him when he appeared on the classic posse cut The Symphony, from Marley Marl's In Control: Volume 1 album. This was vital to G Rap's coming up in the game, seeing as how Marley Marl was considered the Quincy Jones of Hip Hop at the time. In 1989, G Rap & Polo released their debut album Road To The Riches. The follow-up album Wanted: Dead Or Alive received greater acclaim from most music critics. Their 3rd album Live & Let Die was the first to crack the Billboard's Hot 200 Albums Chart. G Rap & Polo parted ways after this album & he released 4,5,6 in 1995. This album is his most successful to date. It peaked at #24 on Billboard's Hot 200 Albums Chart & topped the R&B Albums Chart. Altogether he has 10 studio albums & 4 mixtapes in his catalog.

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