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#VitalFactz: Happy Birthday - Kurtis Blow

Happy Bornday @KurtisBlow1 Kurtis Blow. Born Kurtis Walker August 9, 1959. Kurtis (originally from Harlem, New York City) started off making history when he became the first rapper signed to a major record label, Mercury Records. In late '79 he released his debut single Christmas Rappin'. The single went to sell over 500,000 copies. His follow-up single released the summer of 1980 The Breaks was an even bigger hit, having reached Platinum status (over 1 million copies sold). Kurtis was the first rapper to perform on Soul Train as well as the first rapper to perform overseas. Besides his own work, Kurtis has been responsible for hits by The Fat Boys and Run DMC. Run began his career billed as 'The Son of Kurtis Blow'. He also had a major role in the 1985 classic Hip Hop film Krush Groove, which featured the hit song If I Ruled The World.

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