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  • ShakaLu - Editor in Chief

2Centz: State of Emergency

Over the past weekend hordes of white supremacist, skinheads, neo nazis and members of domestic terrorist groups like the KKK converged on Charlottesville, VA armed with ignorance, rhetoric, paramilitary equipment and rifles. Their apparent mission was to spread mass hysteria and incite riots. Where they succeeded was in being responsible for the loss of life and causing serious injury to many. Where else they succeeded is reinforcing to the reasonable and sensible populace of this nation that our president continues to appease his far-right base which is saturated with white supremacist and domestic terrorists. Instead of denouncing these mad men in pseudo military fatigue and practiced tactical formations, the president attempted to deflect responsibility by implying that those sprayed with chemical agents and mowed down by a car while in counter-protest were to blame for this hateful debacle. It’s a shame that he is our president but make no mistake about it, there is a dangerous segment of Americans who are now emboldened by the ghastly representation of white supremacy and hate mongering who sits squarely in the White House. When the president promotes an ignorant mindset, the mongrels feel brave enough to come out and show their fangs. And coming out they are. Keep in mind, former KKK grand wizard David Duke was quoted saying he and his kind vow to “fulfill the promises of Donald Trump.” Where they failed, however, is at extinguishing the flame of outrage carried by those ready and willing to stand firm against their hateful rhetoric and propaganda. Let it be clear that where ever there is evil intent there will be those who stand and fight for justice, truth and equality. So, where do we stand HipHop? Will we be the voice shouts down this infestation before it contaminates this nation the same way madness swarmed the minds during nazi-era Germany or the apartheid era of South Africa? Make no mistake HipHop,

"There’s a war going on outside no man is safe from"

(RIP Prodigy of Mobb Deep).

This is particularly true when your uniform is the color of your skin. These individuals have vowed to stage these rallies more frequently. How prepared will you be if there’s a rally in a town near you. And in no way am I saying to fight fire with fire by engaging in violence. I am definitely saying be Hip Hop, be intelligent, be innovative, be fearless, have a voice. Don’t stand by idly while sinister individuals fantasize about race wars and conspire to murder people because of their race, creed, gender and ethnicity. Do something to oppose oppression. Let HipHop champion the cause for civil rights and the voice of all people, regardless of color.

Salute to some of the Revolutionary Minded and Socially Active Brothers & Sisters of HipHop such as Immortal Technique, Mysonne, David Banner, Killer Mike, Jasiri X, Sa-Roc and countless others who not only talk the talk but walk the walk of Conscious Change and using HipHop as a platform.

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