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#VitalFactz: Happy Birthday - Mase

Happy Bornday @RSVPMase Mase. Born Mason Durell Betha August 27, 1977. Mason (who is originally from Jacksonville, Florida) at first had a love for basketball. He was a star player for Manhattan Center High School, along with his close friend Cam’ron. As teens, the two dabbled in rap as a hobby, briefly forming a group called Children of the Corn ("corn" stood for "corner"). In 1997 he released his debut album on Bad Boy Label Harlem World. This album sold 4 million copies & topped the Billboard's Hot 200 Albums Chart as well as the R&B Albums Chart. It features the Platinum selling single Feel So Good as well as the gold Selling singles What You Want & Lookin' At Me. He dropped his 2nd album Double Up in 1999 before embarking on a 5 year hiatus. In 2004 he released his comeback album Welcome Back. This album features the singles Breathe, Stretch, Shake as well as the title track Welcome Back.

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