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#VitalFactz: Happy Birthday - Joe Budden

Happy Bornday @JoeBudden Joe Budden. Born Joseph Anthony Budden II August 31, 1980. Joe is originally from Harlem, New York & was raised in Jersey City, New Jersey. In 2003 he released his debut album on the Def Jam label. It features the smash single Pump It Up. Due to problems he had with the label, the 2 parted ways. for the next few years he went on to release a total of 7 mix tapes. Then in 2013 he released his 2nd official studio album No Love Lost, which features the singles NBA & She Don't Put It Down. In 2015 he released his 3rd album All Love Lost which features the single Broke. His most recent album Rage Against The Machine includes the singles Flex & By Law.

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