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#VitalFactz: Happy Birthday - Kool Rock Ski

Happy Birthday @KoolRockSki Kool Rock Ski. Born Damon Wimbley November 4, 1966. Wimbley was a member of the Pioneer group The Fat Boys. He & fellow Fat Boys members Prince Markie Dee (a.k.a. Mark Morales) & the late Human Beat Box (a.k.a. Darren Robinson) released their self titled debut album Fat Boys in 1984. It reached Gold status as well as their follow-up album The Fat Boys Are Back. They had their biggest success with their 4th album Crushin' as it reached Platinum status. Sadly, on December 10, fellow member Human Beatbox died of heart attack as a result of his Lymphedema (fluid buildup) & his weight, approximately 450 pounds. In early 2015, Wimbley & Prince Markie Dee re-launched their clothing line,

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