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New Video: Merc The Big Body Benz “MERCENSTIEN”

Still pic of Merc The Big Body Benz in Mercenstien

There’s a battery in my anatomy, I’ve got the Drive”... A powerful line, however only a decibel of the beginning level where the GodQueen turns up.

Queens native, Merc The Big Body Benz is one of the powerful sisters we at VG have had the honor of embracing as family, inducted at last years “1st Annual March Majesty” celebration. She is hands down one of the Dopest artist (regardless of gender) we have come across in recent years. Merc is a Natural Born MC, a chemist with words, capable of dropping any wack rapper and causing them to tap out after a quick 16 of spittin that Charlie Sheen.

“MERCENSTIEN” produced by Thanos Beats is the first single off her debut LP, Femininity Weaponized which was premiered exclusively Halloween day by our Brother in arms Sunez Allah. I know as a fan myself, I can’t wait to see how Merc has evolved since her last project Belated Arrival which is dope in itself and is really an introduction to the GodQueen's realm. You may wanna go drop some change on that, which really would be an investment to expediting the new release. Either way one dose of this MC and I assure you will become an instant fan. So again Salute to Merc!!! Please know as long your breathing Life into the Culture, we will always support...

"Mercenstien" video by: Derrick M. Clarke of (Can It Productions)

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