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Dizzy Senze - Why Dont We Fall In Love (senze-mix)

Somebody taught this Girrrl Right!!! Dizzy Senze: Emcee/Producer/Audio Engineer/Photographer, everything needed for self-sustainability as an artist today. Oh yeah, and she's from The Bronx...

Dizz killed it with this Cover Freestyle of Amerie's hit Why Don't We Fall In Love. While most young artist have been so caught up in the #NewWave and not paying attention to some of the hits they may have heard while coming up. Dizz is different, she obviously reflects everything that was a part of her makeup when you listen to her spit. And shes delivers no different on this track, with her own content while embodying this HIT RECORD. As Amerie opened up with the 1st Line "So many things I'm goin' through / So much that I wanna do". I can see how Dizz was called to deliver a Lil' sample of herself and TRUE experiences:

"I remember not making it to the Rap Shows

Cause my 9-5 telling me I had to Close

Grabbing O’s had me thinking back in tha Trappin Mode

Check to Check, I was lacking O’s and a Cash Flow”

Check out more of Dizz here:

Facebook: Dizzy SenZe

Twitter: DizzysLitLife

Instagram: TheLitLifeofDizz


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