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#MarchMajesty - Celebrates Rah Digga

As we celebrate Female Artist in the Hip Hop Industry, we focus our attention on New Jersey’s own Rah Digga born “Rashia Fisher”. Her climb to fame started with super group formed by Busta Rhymes called Flipmod Squad, a group she is no longer associated with. However Digga Digga has never strayed away from association with her Original Crew The Outsiderz. One of Hip Hop’s most skilled MC’s male or female Rah Digga has sold over 1 millions records worldwide.

Her debut solo, Dirty Harriet, was released in 2000 and featured Eve. In 2001 she starred in the film Thirteen Ghosts while also recording "Mirror Mirror" for the soundtrack.

  • Dirty Harriet (2000)

  • Everything Is a Story (unreleased, recorded in 2004)

  • Classic (2010)


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