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#MarchMajesty - Celebrates: MC Sha-Rock

As we celebrate women in the Hip Hop Industry we look back on the pioneering career of the legendary Sharon Green better known to the urban masses as “MC Sha-Rock”. considered the first to record and the first to appear on national television. On Valentine's Day in 1981, she and her crew The Funky 4 + 1 were introduced as group called the "street rappers" from the Bronx as musical guests along with Debbie Harry of the American group Blondie on Saturday Night Live. MC Sha-Rock has been credited as the individual which inspired a style of rapping emulated and made notable by such legendz as Run DMC called the "echo chamber".

In 2010, Green published a book about her experiences titled The Story of the Beginning and End of the First Hip Hop Female MC: Luminary Icon Sha-Rock.


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