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2nd Annual Hip Hop L.O.V.E Panel

FREE EVENT Friday March 16th @ City College - CWE | Doors Open 6pm

The 2nd Annual Hip Hop L.O.V.E Panel (Ladies Of Vital Exception) an All Women Panel, the highlight to March Majesty (A Month-Long Celebration of Women in Hip-Hop Culture) presented only here on We are True fans of this Culture and felt it was our duty to fully honor The Women that have paved the way, assisted in its elevation and who are still raising the bar for the Culture.

We take pride in curating the best representation of Women from all areas of contribution to the Culture of Hip Hop: MC, DJ, B-Girl, Muralist, Manager, PR, etc...

So if you came out and rocked with us last year, you already know what it is. If it's your first time hearing about it - get ready for one of the best/personable panel experiences ever.

This years Gust Speakers are:

MC Debbie D

DJ Red Bottom

Denise Wilkinson

Babs Bunny

Bernadette Price

Moderated by Taylor Bee (Bee TV / Dir. Of Media - GGO)

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