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New Video: Stoneface "37 Arsonist" Prod. by BP

If you dont already know, I rock with the Gemstarr Regime, so I had to get this up as soon as the Good Brother @WILLIAM_COOPER_ sent it over. Salute The "G" @RealStoneface always crafting on 'em and Director, Scientific Lens - the imagery is Dope, fitting for the dynamics of this record.

Experts say when one loses their eyesight, all of their other senses become magnified beyond normal proportions and even argue that in some cases the individual becomes superhuman. In the case of North Philly's Stoneface, abruptly becoming 100% blind from a gunshot transformed his entire being into a supernatural melting pot of his remaining senses.

On "37 Arsonist", Stoneface blindly opens the doors of earth, wind and fire with a n