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#VitalFactz: Happy Birthday (Noreaga)

Happy Birthday @noreaga N.O.R.E. (Noreaga). Born Victor Santiago, Jr. September 6, 1977. Santiago (who grew up in LeFrak City in Queens, New York) got his name from the Panamanian dictator Manuel Noreaga. He first got his start as part of the Hip Hop Duo C-N-N (Capone-N-Noreaga) with fellow Queens rapper Capone (born Kiam Akasi Holley) whom he met while serving time in prison. They released the debut album The War Report which was a commercial success. Unfortunately, shortly after the albums release, Capone was again hit with a jail term, which left N.O.R.E. (which is an acronym for Niggas On The Run Eatin') to take on a solo career. In 1998 he released his self titled debut album N.O.R.E.. It reached Gold status & included the hits Superthug as well as the title track (N.O.R.E.). In 1999 he released his follow-up album Melvin Flynt – Da Hustler. This album also reached Gold status & included the single Oh No. In 2002 he signed to Def Jam & released his third studio album God's Favorite which features the single Nothin'. In 2006 He released his fourth studio album N.O.R.E. y la Familia...Ya Tú Sabe. With this album N.O.R.E. took a different approach. He released the classic Reggaeton single Oye Mi Canto, which was originally released in 2004. This song is his second biggest hit.

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