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#VitalFactz: Rest In Peace - Jam Master Jay

It was 16 Years ago today that the Hip Hop Industry suffered yet another tragic loss. Run D.M.C.'s career long DJ Jam Master Jay (Born Jason William Mizell) was gunned down in his recording studio in Queens, NYC. I remember being at work when the announcement was being made on the Hot 97 radio station. Like everyone else at the job, I was shocked when I heard it. The shooting is believed to have been an inside job. However, despite law enforcement investigating several people who were believed to be involved (Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff being one of them), sadly his murder remains unsolved & no new suspects have been named. Jason played a huge part in the success of Run-D.M.C., bigger than most people (who were not in his circle) realize. The group's overall persona was his brainchild, from their trademark hats & leather suits, to their trademark Shell Toe Adidas. That was all his idea. Jason is survived by 3 Sons & a Daughter. His demise has left a void in the culture that can never be filled. Rest In Peace Jason William Mizell, gone but never forgotten (January 21, 1965 – October 30, 2002).

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