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#VitalFactz: Happy Birthday - DJ Quik

Happy Birthday DJ Quik. Born David Marvin Blake January 18, 1970. Blake burst onto the scene in January of 1991 with his debut album Quik Is The Name. this album was certified Platinum & included the singles Born & Raised In Compton, Tonite & The Title track Quik Is The Name. In the summer of '92 he released his Gold selling follow-up album Way 2 Fonky (the first of 3 consecutive Gold sellers) which includes Jus Lyke Compton as well as the title track (Way 2 Fonky). In 1995 he released his 3rd album Safe + Sound. In 1998 he released his 4th album Rhythm-al-ism. This album includes Hand In Hand & You'z A Ganxsta. In 2000 Quik released his 5th album Balance & Options which includes the hit Pitch In On A Party. Quik also has an impressive production resume as well (click here for details). He has 9 studio albums to date & is still touring & doing shows.

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