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#VitalFactz: Happy Birthday - Large Professor

Happy Birthday Large Professor. Born William Paul Mitchell March 21, 1973. Mitchell, a Queens native started off as a protege of the Legendary Producer, The Late Paul C. He produced tracks for Kool G Rap's 1990 album (which he got little credit for) Wanted: Dead Or Alive. That same year he became the frontman & rapper of the group Main Source. In 1991 they released the debut CD Breaking Atoms. This album included the singles Watch Roger Do His Thing, Looking At The Front Door, & songs like Just Hangin' Out & Peace Is Not The Word To Play. It was on this album that Mitchell introduced the Brooklyn born MC Nasir Jones to the world as Nasty Nas on the classic posse track Live At The Barbeque. In 1992 they appeared the White Men Can't Rap Soundtrack with Fakin' The Funk. This was supposed to be the lead single for their follow-up album The Science. Unfortunately this album was never released as Large Professor & the 2 DJ's parted ways. In 1996 he was set to release his solo debut album titled The LP. He made 2 videos for this CD The Mad Scientist & I Jus Wanna Chill. After several delays, this album was eventually shelved & would not see the light of day until 2009. He has 5 studio album to his credit & is still producing & making beats for the likes of Nas & others.

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