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Join the Hip-Hop Movement, Catered to Indie Hip-Hop Artists!

Hon. Ronald Savage, the former member of the New York State Democratic Committee, Civil Rights Advocate, and owner of the Hip Hop Movement, announces opportunity to join the movement. The Hip-Hop pioneer is looking for like minded purists to join the movement to grow its streaming channel on ROKU TV, which is currently buzzing worldwide.

“Hip Hop Movement streaming channel on Roku TV does not cater to mainstream, it is a platform for indie artists striving to preserve the culture. The Hip Hop Movement is owned by a true pioneer, Ron “Bee-Stinger” Savage is in the building.”

Available positions, on an intern level, include choosing videos to post, marketing, establishing advertisers, along with hosts for the weekly Saturday video show streamed on ROKU TV.

For further details, or anyone interested in the positions, or looking to advertise on Hip Hop Movement contact Ron Savage directly at hiphopmovement.rokutv@gmail.com.

Hip Hop Movement Steaming Channel on ROKU TV


“Hip is the Culture Hop is the Movement”


Hip Hop Movement’s Saturday Video Show www.hiphopmovement.net

Hip Hop Movement’s latest show https://hophopmovement.s3.amazonaws.com/facts_Full+HD+1080p.mp4

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